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Ozeki Sake Karatamba  1.8L     
Their unique brewing method and technique produce this superb, dry and crisp sake. Ozeki Karatamba has a full-bodied, rich taste that feels smooth on the palate.... more
Sku: 64173
Reg. $52.89
On Sale $45.99
G Sake Junmai Ginjo Genshu Joy  750ml     
Whether you are a saké purist or are looking for an incredible saké experience to set a standard for saké exploration this is the one for you. Full fruity nose with hints of spice give  more
Sku: 31114
Reg. $25.29
On Sale $21.99
Kaguyahime Sake Junmai  500ml     
Kaguyahime opens with a light and rounded aroma with a smooth, soothing fragrance and taste. An airy, medium dry Sake that is best when served lightly chilled.... more
Sku: 28973
Reg. $21.84
On Sale $18.99
Moonstone Sake Coconut Lemongrass  750ml     
This velvet textured Nigori (cloudy) Genshu (cask-strength) Saké is a masterful blend of crisp lemongrass and creamy coconut. Contrasting sweet and dry, it will transport your taste ... more
Sku: 31618
Reg. $20.69
On Sale $17.99
Momokawa Sake Pearl  750ml     
This old style, roughly filtered saké is an amazing experience. Pearl offers notes of vanilla and pineapple with banana, coconut, and anise rounding out a creamy body.... more
Sku: 13596
Reg. $17.24
On Sale $14.99
Ty Ku Sake Junmai Silver  750ml     
TY KU Sake Silver has a fresh, slightly sweet taste with subtle pear notes; its rich flavor is soft & silky on the palate. Although it complements sushi & Asian cuisine, it also pairs ... more
Sku: 47369
Reg. $16.09
On Sale $13.99
Gekkeikan Sake Traditional  1.5 L     
Gekkeikan Sake is crisp and a touch sweet. Serve slightly chilled or warm. For a new twist try a sake margarita. Just use margarita mix and sake with a twist of ... more
Sku: 4242
Reg. $14.94
On Sale $12.99
Gekkeikan Sake Haiku  750ml     
Pleasingly fragrant, Haiku premium select sake may be enjoyed by itself or as a delightful accompaniment to lighter dishes such as fish, poultry or vegitarian cuisine.... more
Sku: 11612
Reg. $14.94
On Sale $12.99
Sho Chiku Bai Sake Classic  1.5 L       
Smooth, well-balanced, full-bodied and medium-dry. The hard, crisp texture is best enjoyed at room temperature or slightly warmed with mildly-seasoned meats and fish.... more
Sku: 4244
Reg. $14.94
On Sale $12.99
Ty Ku Sake Nigori Coconut  750ml     
Premium Nigori Sake infused with coconut. TY KU Coconut Sake has a silky texture with the refreshingly sweet taste of coconut and hints of vanilla. This Nigori is made from Junmai sake  more
Sku: 47370
Reg. $14.87
On Sale $12.93
Fu-Ki Sake  750ml     
The traditional way to enjoy Sake is slightly warm in a small Japanese Sake cup or wine glass. However, Fu-Ki Sake is equally delightful at room temperature, chilled, or on the rocks.... more
Sku: 4239
Reg. $14.48
On Sale $12.59
Ozeki Sake Yamadanishiki  300ml     
This Sake is made from 'Yamada Nishiki' sake rice which is a top-grade Sake rice which has been polished to at least 70% of its original size. The final result is a medium dry Junmai ... more
Sku: 28979
Reg. $11.03
On Sale $9.59
Ozeki Sake Dry  750ml     
This exquisitely well-balanced sake has an all-around drinkability that always satisfies. Try warm, chilled or on the ... more
Sku: 30648
Reg. $8.04
On Sale $6.99
Gekkeikan Sake Traditional  750ml     
Gekkeikan Sake is crisp and a touch sweet. Serve slightly chilled or warm. For a new twist try a sake margarita. Just use margarita mix and sake with a twist of ... more
Sku: 4241
Reg. $8.04
On Sale $6.99