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del Maguey Santo Domingo Mezcal  750ml      
Espiridion has a high light nose with lots of citrus overtones. A bit of roasted pear too. Lots of tropical fruit on the tongue, spicy and woody. A clean dry finish.... more
Sku: 39861
Reg. $80.49
On Sale $69.99
del Maguey Minero Mezcal  750ml      
Minero has a nose full of flower essence, vanilla and figs. With a burnt honey flavor and a bit of lemon, Minero is deep and warm, sweet all the way to the finish. Minero has a special  more
Sku: 39862
Reg. $80.49
On Sale $69.99
del Maguey Chichicapa Mezcal  750ml      
Chichicapa has a relatively light nose, yet is deep and sweet on the tongue with a very complex character. It has a long finish, with a distinct smokiness and hint of mint at the end.... more
Sku: 39863
Reg. $80.49
On Sale $69.99
del Maguey San Luis del Rio Mezcal  750ml      
San Luis Del Rio mezcal has a spicy, fruity and smoky nose with a high note of citrus. It is smooth and warming to the palate, with a clean finish.... more
Sku: 39864
Reg. $80.49
On Sale $69.99
del Maguey Crema del Mezcal  750ml      
Crema de Mezcal is made with only 10% agave nectar with 90% San Luis del Rio Single Village Mezcal. The result is subtly sweet with notes of vanilla, pear, almond, apple, coffee, ... more
Sku: 54571
Reg. $51.74
On Sale $44.99
El Buho Mezcal  750ml     
Hand selected Espadin agave plants are harvested and then slowly roasted in a stone pit fire between Oaxacan earth and local mesquite for a week. These pina pieces are then crushed by ... more
Sku: 54982
Reg. $48.29
On Sale $41.99
del Maguey Vida Mezcal  750ml      
"Vida" is Del Maguey's way of providing high quality mezcal at a more affordable price. On the nose, Vida boasts bold aromas of fruit and honey backed by roasted agave and a hint of ... more
Sku: 54572
Reg. $45.99
On Sale $39.99
Scorpion Reposado Mezcal  750ml     
Dry and sweet at the same time somehow, with citrus, leather, dry smoke and lime, hints of cardamon, nutmeg. It has a smokey, spicy aftertaste like a mesquite campfire. This is ... more
Sku: 33885
Reg. $44.84
On Sale $38.99
Sombra Mezcal  750ml     
Sombra has a spicy, fruity and smokey nose with a high note of citrus. It is smooth and warming to the palate, with a clean and fruit-driven finish. Un-rectified and distilled to 45% ... more
Sku: 34975
Reg. $41.39
On Sale $35.99
Monte Alban Mezcal  750ml     
Spice, wood, and mineral aromas. A rounded, supple attack, smooth, medium body, exotically peppery, drying, persistent finish. Great complexity, with an earthy array of flavors. ... more
Sku: 2318
Reg. $31.04
On Sale $26.99
Kim Crawford Whispering angel rose