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Knob Creek Rye  750ml     
Made with a blend of fine quality rye to create an extraordinarily smooth yet spicy finish. Handcrafted and aged to produce the signature rich flavor.... more
Sku: 46631
Reg. $51.74
On Sale $44.99
Hudson Manhattan Rye  375ml     
Made with whole grain rye and it has a lovely floral and fruit-filled nose and a smooth palate with the fantastic rye edge that makes this many bartenders' spirit of choice. The hand-... more
Sku: 34749
Reg. $50.59
On Sale $43.99
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Templeton Rye  750ml     
Over the course of its storied history, Templeton Rye became Al Capone’s whiskey of choice, quickly finding its way to the center of his bootlegging empire. Hundreds of kegs per month ... more
Sku: 48257
Reg. $45.99
On Sale $39.99
Michters Single Rye Us1  750ml     
Crazy-sweet aroma, full of caramel, vanilla and a slight floral touch. The bite comes first, followed by vanilla and caramel flavors. It mellows considerably with ice, and becomes ... more
Sku: 24302
Reg. $45.99
On Sale $39.99
High West Double Rye  750ml     
(MA90) A blend of two straight whiskeys: a very young 2 year old high rye content whiskey and a 16 year old rye whiskey with a lower rye content. Perhaps the spiciest American whiskey ... more
Sku: 39240
Reg. $41.39
On Sale $35.99
Rittenhouse Rye 100  750ml     
Rye was the first true Colonial American whiskey and was the most popular spirit for more than a century. Originally made in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, it is now distilled ... more
Sku: 28170
Reg. $31.04
On Sale $26.99
Redemption Rye  750ml     
A blend of 95% premium rye and aged for over two years in new charred oak barrels, then bottled at a bold 92 proof - perfect to stand up on its own in any cocktail or by itself in your  more
Sku: 35884
Reg. $29.89
On Sale $25.99
Bulleit Rye 90  750ml     
Bulleit Rye Whiskey, it takes the spice quotient almost to the max with a mashbill of 95 percent rye and 5 percent malted barley a 95 percent rye recipe.The company says that it ... more
Sku: 38153
Reg. $27.59
On Sale $23.99
Jim Beam Rye  750ml     
Gold, with a light amber cast. Moderately light-bodied. Toasted oats, hazelnuts, lemon. Delicate, soft texture. Brisk and tart on the palate.... more
Sku: 2171
Reg. $27.59
On Sale $23.99
Old Overholt Rye  750ml     
Deep amber, with a copper cast. Moderately full-bodied. Toffee, dried pear, smoke. Round, smooth texture. Fairly soft and lush on the palate.... more
Sku: 2172
Reg. $16.78
On Sale $14.59
Kim Crawford Whispering angel rose