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Carmel Concord King David  1.5 L       
Dark red/purple color and the foxy nose typical of this varietal. It is sweet with a lasting finish. Enjoy at religious ceremonies. ... more
Sku: 4005
Reg. $16.78
On Sale $14.59
Kedem Port  750ml         
Kedem Port is another success from this historic New York State winery. Ideal for Kiddush, it is also a lovely aperitif or after-dinner drink. With a higher alcohol content and ... more
Sku: 53168
Reg. $16.09
On Sale $13.99
Kesser Concord  1.5 L       
Sweet, fruity table wine. Made from 100% Concord grapes. Serve with a variety of beef dishes and poultry and heavier fish dishes. ... more
Sku: 10379
Reg. $12.64
On Sale $10.99
Kedem Sherry  750ml           
A full-bodied, rich, moderately sweet, amber wine. Serve with desserts, pastries, snacks and fruit. ... more
Sku: 5836
Reg. $11.49
On Sale $9.99
Taylor Dry Sherry  1.5 L       
Dry sherry made in the U.S. A honey-colored, crisp, dry sherry with a hint of nuts. Serve chilled or on the rocks, with a twist or with soda. Good as a before dinner cocktail.... more
Sku: 4503
Reg. $11.49
On Sale $9.99
Taylor Cream Sherry  1.5 L       
Aromas of caramel, spice, and salted nuts. Medium-bodied with a hint of sweetness upfront and a finish showing a dryer, nutty character. Serve after dinner on its own or with dessert.... more
Sku: 4500
Reg. $11.49
On Sale $9.99
Fabellini Peach Sparkling VV  750ml       
From tenacious NJ Housewife, Celebrity Apprentice Contestant, and author of Skinny Italian cookbooks Theresa Guidice comes FABELLINI, a peach flavored sparkling wine that's every bit ... more
Sku: 46899
Reg. $11.42
On Sale $9.93
Kedem Concord Grape Kosher  1.5 L       
A fruity and hearty, extra heavy wine. Serve with desserts, pastries and fruit. ... more
Sku: 4275
Reg. $10.34
On Sale $8.99
Kedem Sparkling  750ml         
A dry, fresh, flowery pleasing champagne. Best served with fish and meat dishes, fruits, snacks or as an aperitif. ... more
Sku: 4272
Reg. $10.34
On Sale $8.99
Kedem Tokay Kosher  1.5 L       
A full-bodied, sweet wine. Serve with desserts, pastries and fruit. ... more
Sku: 4284
Reg. $10.34
On Sale $8.99
Kedem Marsala Kosher  750ml           
Rich and high in alcohol; for cooking and sipping. Serve with meat, desserts, pastries and fruit. ... more
Sku: 7031
Reg. $10.27
On Sale $8.93
Manischewitz Concord Grape Kosher For Passover  1.5 L       
A sweet but balanced wine with a generous mouth feel. The distinct aroma and flavor of fresh Concord grapes. A great dessert wine and the traditional Kiddush wine. ... more
Sku: 4290
Reg. $9.19
On Sale $7.99
Manischewitz Cream Peach  1.5 L       
A sweet wine with a pleasant mouth feel and a smooth aftertaste. A smooth creamy flavor, bursting with the taste of fresh peaches. A great dessert wine. Serve with fresh fruit. ... more
Sku: 15970
Reg. $9.19
On Sale $7.99
Manischewitz Cream Red Concord  1.5 L       
A sweet and balanced wine with a velvety mouth feel and the aroma and flavor of fresh Concord grapes with sugary notes. Kosher and Kosher for Passover. Serve with beef and poultry. ... more
Sku: 4292
Reg. $9.19
On Sale $7.99
Manischewitz Cherry  1.5 L       
A full-bodied sweet but balanced wine. Aroma and taste of fresh baked cherry pie. Kosher and Kosher for Passover. A great dessert wine with fresh fruits, chocolates, and nuts. ... more
Sku: 4288
Reg. $9.19
On Sale $7.99
Manischewitz Cream White Concord  1.5 L       
A sweet wine with a pleasant mouthfeel and smooth aftertaste. A smooth fruity wine with plenty of grape flavor and a subtle aroma of sugary flavors. Serve with fish and white meats. ... more
Sku: 4297
Reg. $9.19
On Sale $7.99
Manischewitz Extra Heavy Malaga  1.5 L       
A specially sweetened fruity wine with a generous mouthfeel. The distinct aroma and flavor of fresh Concord grapes. Enjoy with full-flavored beef dishes. ... more
Sku: 4300
Reg. $9.19
On Sale $7.99
Manischewitz Blackberry  1.5 L       
100% Blackberry wine with the aromas and flavors of blackberry jam. Hearty and delicious. Great as a stand-alone dessert wine. ... more
Sku: 4285
Reg. $9.19
On Sale $7.99
Kedem Malaga Extra-Heavy  1.5 L         
A rich-sound, full-bodied, extra-sweet wine. Best served with desserts, pastries and fruit. ... more
Sku: 4277
Reg. $9.19
On Sale $7.99
Arbor Mist Zinfandel Sangria  1.5 L     
Combines the refreshing taste of luscious cherries and zesty citrus fruits, orange, lemon and lime with light tasting Zinfandel wine. Enjoy with BBQ, soups and stews, or by the glass.... more
Sku: 11390
Reg. $9.19
On Sale $7.99
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