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Peligroso Tequila Anejo  750ml     
Exceptionally smooth 100% Weber Blue Agave Tequila. Aged for 12-18 months, this ultra-premium Anejo finishes with layers of nut, pumpkin, oak and ... more
Sku: 41029
Reg. $34.49
On Sale $29.99
Peligroso Tequila Reposado  750ml     
Aged in American Oak, this Reposado is a perfectly balanced liquid with a bright and pale golden color. After the initial cooked agave blast, it finishes with a pleasing spicy fruit ... more
Sku: 41028
Reg. $32.19
On Sale $27.99
Caliche White Rum  750ml     
Clean balance of vanilla flavor with a hint of oak followed by notes of caramel. Perfect on the rocks with a splash of lime. Blends well with standard mixers, in any rum cocktails and ... more
Sku: 54709
Reg. $28.74
On Sale $24.99
Peel Cremoncello  750ml     
Cremoncello is a lemon and cream infusion, a creamy version of the original Peel Limoncello. It has a mild and velvety taste, softer on the pallet than our Limoncello. Enjoy it chilled, more
Sku: 56165
Reg. $26.44
On Sale $22.99
Peel Bananacello  750ml     
Connecticutís own, award-winning, all-natural, hand-made Peel Bananacello is a unique banana infused cream liqueur. Itís the first of itís kind with a sweet, smooth taste. Enjoy ... more
Sku: 39930
Reg. $26.44
On Sale $22.99
Jim Beam Bourbon Kentucky Fire  750ml     
  Sku: 56181
Reg. $22.99
On Sale $19.99
Peel Limoncello  750ml     
Itís all-natural and hand-made using Grade A lemons from California. It has less sugar than other brands and uses no artificial colors or sweeteners. Limoncello is also gluten-free. ... more
Sku: 39932
Reg. $22.99
On Sale $19.99
9 Muses Cabernet Sauvignon 2011  750ml     
This wine tastes like a $30 California Cabernet, it was aged for 12 months in new oak barrels. Deep and dark, highlighting ripe cherry and blackberry fruit, vanilla and spice notes, ... more
Sku: 56094
Reg. $21.84
On Sale $18.99
Peligroso Cinnamon  750ml     
The world's first cinnamon tequila liqueur. Warm and savory, with spicy aromas and a light finish that leaves some sweet heat on the palate. ... more
Sku: 56241
Reg. $19.54
On Sale $16.99
Muses Estate 9 Red 2012  750ml     
A blend of Merlot, Cab Sauv and Syrah fermented in stainless stelel tanks offering ripe black cherry fruit, light body with soft. supple tannins and a nice finish.... more
Sku: 38986
Reg. $16.09
On Sale $13.99
Woodwork Pinot Noir  750ml     
Exudes rich varietal character complemented by the precise hand of oak. Fragrant aromas of coffee and cocoa converge with the grape's inherent red fruit and forest floor character. The  more
Sku: 56246
Reg. $14.94
On Sale $12.99
Woodwork Chardonnay  750ml     
Exhibits the striking balance of rich tropical fruit and fragrant oak. The nose opens with lovely pineapple, caramel and vanilla aromas. In the mouth, ripe apple and pear flavors ... more
Sku: 56247
Reg. $14.94
On Sale $12.99
Woodwork Cabernet Sauvignon 2012  750ml     
Achieving that critical balance between rich fruit and spicy oak, this Cabernet delivers dark chocolate, black cherry, hazelnut and berry aromas. The palate balances smooth ... more
Sku: 56245
Reg. $14.94
On Sale $12.99
9 Muses Assyritiko 2013  750ml     
This great warm weather white offers apple, lemon and floral notes, a light body with ripe apple and citrus flavor complemented by a distinct minerality. It is excellent with mezze or ... more
Sku: 56091
Reg. $14.94
On Sale $12.99
Muses Estate 9 White 2013  750ml     
An explosive combination of Assyrtiko, Trebbiano, and Sauvignon Blanc give this wine a bright blonde color with greenish hues. It has an intensely floral-fruit bouquet, and a rounded,  more
Sku: 40749
Reg. $14.94
On Sale $12.99
Muses Estate 9 Rose 2013  750ml     
This delicious rose shows aromas of candied apple, a richer tecture than other roses and a medium dry finish. A perfect wine to sip while watching a sunset.... more
Sku: 56093
Reg. $13.79
On Sale $11.99
Wild Oats Shiraz 2011  750ml     
A sumptuous and velvety red wine with complexity and some spicy characteristics. It tastes of berries, plums, baking spices and a touch of mocha on the lasting firm finish.... more
Sku: 56154
Reg. $13.79
On Sale $11.99
Wild Oats Chardonnay 2012  750ml     
A modern Australian chardonnay, where fruit and texture are the vital components, with oak playing a supporting role. Lovely pineapple and fresh fig flavours, creamy, spicy oak with a ... more
Sku: 56153
Reg. $13.79
On Sale $11.99
Dark Horse Cabernet  750ml     
Has bold flavors of blackberry and cherry supported by firm tannins, brown spice and a dark chocolate espresso finish. This Cabernet Wine was carefully aged to develop dark fruit ... more
Sku: 56147
Reg. $10.34
On Sale $8.99
Dark Horse Chardonnay 2012  750ml     
Rich flavors of baked apple and pear, layered with toasted oak, notes of caramel and brown spice with a smooth, lingering finish. This Chardonnay underwent alcoholic fermentation with ... more
Sku: 56148
Reg. $10.34
On Sale $8.99
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